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Le Roy Ladurie’s Montaillou Peter of Verona (Peter Martyr) / Petr z Verony (Petr Muednk) Peter Zwicker Treatise „Cum dormirent homines“ Some manuscripts Literature Stephen of Bourbon (tienne de Bourbon) Nicolas Eymeric / Mikul Eymerich Censure, index librorum prohibitorum, censure / Cenzura, Index librorum prohibitorum Abolition of the inquisition, end of the inquisition / Zruen inkvizice, konec inkvizice Miscellaneous Early modern polemics and social action against the inquisition Legacy of the inquisition in modern law systems / Odkaz inkvizice v modernch prvnch systmech Miscellaneous, including novels / Neroztdn, vetn beletrie Popularization / Popularizan literatura Novels / Beletrie Early modern religious dissent / Ran novovk disidence Dissent and „popular sectarianism“, 16th-19th century / Disidence a „lidov sektstv“ v 16.-19. Miscellaneous / Rzn England / Anglie France / Francie Istria / Istrie Italy / Itlie Poland / Polsko Russia / Rusko Spain / panlsko Czech non-Catholics; Toleration sectarianism in Bohemia and Moravia / et nekatolci; tolerann sekti v echch a na Morav Domenico Scandella nicknamed Menocchio; The Cheese and the Worms / Domenico Scandella een Menocchio; kniha Sr a ervi Carla Ginzburga a diskuse o n; diskuse o Ginzburgov metod celkov Learned dissent / Ueneck disent Overviews / Pehledy a obecn pojednn Proceedings and collections of articles / Sbornky a vbory Giordano Bruno Galileo Galilei Heresy and blasphemy in the Christian discourses from 19th c. „Legendy, podobenstv a tajn mty‘), ale je velmi iroce psna, kombinuje data velmi odvn (nap. [Je to peklad dla Bosansko-humski (hercegovaki) krstjani i katarsko-dualistiki pokret u srednjem vijeku? V R nen.] Tashkovski, D., Bogomilism in Macedonia, Skopje : Macedonian Review Editions, 1975. e, prosloven pi promoci Sub summis Auspiciis Imperatoris ve velk aule Karolina dne 19. [Published also as an offprint version.] Coufal, Duan, Polemika o kalich mezi teologi a politikou 1414-1431, Praha: Kalich 2012. A careful onograph on the learned polemic over the first article of Prague –the communion under both kinds – between 14.

to the present / Hereze a rouhn v kesanskch diskurzech od 19. do souasnosti Antimodernism / Antimodernismus, boj proti modernismu Magic in the Christian culture, Christian magic; witchcraft and the Witch hunt / magie v kesansk kultue, kesansk magie; arodjnice a arodjnci, hon na arodjnice Sources – miscellaneous / Prameny – rzn Miscellaneous / Rzn Anthologies and readers / Vbory a tanky Miscellaneous / Rzn Historiography and state of research / Historiografie a stav bdn Miscellaneous Overviews / Pehledy a obecn pojednn Proceedings and collections of articles / Sbornky Dictionaries and encyclopedias / Slovnky a encyklopedie Magic in ancient Christianity / Magie ve starovkm kesanstv Miscellaneous / Rzn Astrology in ancient Christianity / Astrologie ve starovkm kesanstv Magic and healing in Eastern Christianity / Magie a litelstv ve vchodnm kesanstv (v pravoslav, v Byzanci) Practice of magic and healing in the medieval West / Praktikovn magie a litelstv na stedovkm Zpad Sources / Prameny Studies on the sources / Studie o pramenech Overviews / Pehledy Proceedings and collections of articles / Sbornky Theory and method / Teorie a metodologie Magic and medieval culture, place of magic in medieval Christianity / Magie a stedovk kultura, postaven magie ve stedovkm kesanstv Learned magic and astrology / Uen magie a astrologie Practice of magic / Praktikovn magie, magick praxe Material culture of medieval magic (amulets etc.) / Hmotn kultura stedovk magie (amulety aj.) Magic and healing in the modern era, 16th-19th centuries / Magie a litelstv v novovku, 16.-19. Miscellaneous / Rzn Collections of articles / Sbornky Repression of magical healing / Potlaovn litelstv Benandanti, healers and witches in Friuli, 16th-17th century / Benandanti, litel a arodjnice ve Furlansku 16.-17. View and persecution of the witches and witchcraft in the West, 14th-19th century / Pojmn a pronsledovn magie a arodjnictv na Zpad ve 14.-19. Sources / Prameny Miscellaneous / Rzn Historiography, state of research Overviews / Pehledy a obecn pojednn Collections of articles / Sbornky Overall interpretations / Celkov interpretace Visual representations / Vyobrazen Different phases, chronology The time of John XXII and the witches Witchcraft – interaction of the learned and popular cultures Witches and the law Witches on trial / arodjnci a arodjnice ped soudem Witch and sorcery trials in individual regions, local studies / Procesy ve vci arodjnictv a kouzelnictv v jednotlivch oblastech, lokln studie Miscellaneous / Rzn Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, Czech lands / echy, Morava a Slezsko, esk zem Miscellaneous / Rzn The trials at umperk and Velk Losiny / umpersk a velkolosinsk procesy, Boblig The trials in umperk and Velk Losiny – art / umpersk a velkolosinsk procesy – umn France / Francie Vauderie d’Arras Loudun / Ppad Loudun Germany / Nmecko Italy / Itlie Switzerland / vcarsko Sweden / vdsko Power of words, learned conceptions of magic View of the witches / Pedstavy o arodjnicch Decline of the belief in the witches, disenchantement of the world / padek vry v arodjnictv a odkouzlen svta Literary and folkloristic views of the witches Demonology and the witches / Dmonologie a arodjnice Witches’ sabbath, antiritual of the witches; influence of the image of heretics on the image of the witches / Sabat arodjnic, antiritul arodjnic, vliv obrazu heretik na obraz arodjnic Sources – miscellaneous / Prameny – rzn Manuscripts / Rukopisy Editions / Edice Johannes, Nider, Formicarius (1437/1438) Miscellaneous / Rzn Overviews / Pehledy Collections of articles / Sbornky Antiritual of heretics, prehistory of the sabbath (reference) / Antiritul kac, prehistorie sabatu (odkaz) Diabolic agency and diabolic witchcraft in papal documents Transformations of the view of magic, demons and supernatural powers, 1290-1350 / Promny pohledu na magii, dmony a nadpirozen sly, 1290-1350 Beginnings of the link between antiritual/sabath and the witches (15th century) / Potky propojen antiritulu/sabatu s arodjnicemi (15. ENC, c.; Google Books, p.] Mayer, Jean-Franois, „Orthodoxie et dissidence: Rflexions d’historien autour des sectes et de la religiosit parallèle“, Heresis 46-47, 2007, 163-175. enu Boha s kabalistickou Lilith apod.) a tak uznv, e nechce rekonstruovat neperuen etzec dualistickch proud od zoroastrismu pes gnostiky, asto dokonce ukazuje nemonost takovch vazeb (287), ale m za to, e dualistick hnut lze lpe pochopit pi srovnvn vce tradic (287). Focuses on theological, prosopographic, and political aspects.

The Czech-German Kautsky (1854-1938) became Marxist but criticized Lenin and the proletarian totalitarism and bolchevism as leading to exploitation.] Kautsky, Karl, Foundations of Christianity: A Study of Christian Origins, New York: International Publishers 1925. Machovec also prepared a more thorough response but it could not be published: see „K diskusi...“. ).] Fairbairn, D., Grace and Christology in the Early Church, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2003. NKR.] Crinn, Dibh, „New Heresy for Old‘: Pelagianism in Ireland and the Papal Letter of 640“, Speculum 60/3, 1985, 505-516. Rees, Bryn R., Pelagius: A Reluctant Heretic, Woodbridge: The Boydell Press 1988. tiv a esejisticky napsan, ale velmi dobe podloen historick prce, kter se s velkm zaujetm vnuje i teologickmu sporu. obj.] tencel, Kamil, zvren prce, Masarykova univerzita [Ped ISem, tj. Elaborates some dimensions and examples of circulation of heresy. L., „Heresy and Religious Sentiment: 1000-1250“, Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research 41, 1968, 115-131. 6639), p.] Ernst, Ulrich, „Hresie und kritische Intellektualitt in der mittelalterlichen Stadtkultur: Gottfrieds von Straburg , Tristan’ als Antwort auf die Ketzerverfolgung im 13. [c.; h.] Barto, Frantiek Michlek, Dv studie o husitskch postilch, Praha: eskolovensk akademie vd 1955.

[p.] Mervart, Jan, „Koncepce djin Roberta Kalivody a pijet jeho Husitsk ideologie“, in: Promny diskursu esk marxistick historiografie: Kapitoly z historiografie 20. [A commentary on the debate, mostly on its historical (not ideological) side, i.e. p.] Bolgiani, Franco, Ortodossia ed eresia: Il problema storiografico nella storia del Cristianesimo e la situazione „ortodossia“-„eresia“ agli inizi della storia cristiana, Torino: CELID 1987. Strun, ale velmi uiten vypadajc knka vnovan historiografickmu problmu s uvnm kategori ortodoxie a hereze v prvnch staletch kesanstv. KTF Wien, v.] Penni Iacco, Emanuela, L’arianesimo nei mosaici di Ravenna, Ravenna: Longo 2011. Monografie vnovan Areiovi a kontextu jeho mylen (nikoli tradici arinstv i hereziologick tradici o arinstv). BNF, v.] Frend, William Hugh Clifford, The Donatist Church: A Movement of Protest in Roman North Africa, Oxford 1952. Burrus, Virginia, The Making of a Heretic: Gender, Authority, and the Priscillianist Controversy, Berkeley – Los Angeles – London: University of California Press 1995. Recenze Church History: tematika genderu je lbiv titul, ve skutenosti moc neanalyzovno nad rmec vlivu en na koncily. El mundo mediterrneo ante el choque de civilizaciones‘ en el Medioevo“, En la España Medieval 25, 2002, 9-45. B6513), p.] Moore, Robert I., „Heresy, Repression, and Social Change in the Age of Gregorian Reform“, in: Scott L. Diehl (eds.), Christendom and its Discontents: Exclusion, Persecution, and Rebellion, 1000-1500, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1996, 19-46. [Konstatuje disproporci mezi rozmrem hereze a zkrokem a hled proto jin celkov vysvtlen zkroku. BNCR, v.] Cracco, Giorgio, „Riforma ed eresia in momenti della cultura europea tra X e XI secolo“, Rivista di storia e letteratura religiosa 7, 1971, 411-477. Rufa v Avignonu, kanovnick reforma v Normandii ve 12. David, The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice8, 2008 [2011], , [6. Machilek, Franz, „Polemiky mezi pvrenci a odprci wyclifsko-husitskho hnut“, in: Zdenk Vybral (eds.), Century“, in: Eva Dolealov – Robert Novotn – Pavel Soukup (eds.), Evropa a echy na konci stedovku: Sbornk pspvk vnovanch Frantiku mahelovi, Praha: Filosofia 2004, 85-90. Jahrhundert), (Forschungen zur Geschichte des Mittelalters 6), Wien: sterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften 2002, 153-165. [BJ, c.] Hornkov, Kateina, „Memory, Politics and Holy Relics: Catholic Tactics amidst the Bohemian Reformation“ [online], The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice8, 2008 [2011], , [6. Heimpel, H., Drei Inquisitions: Verfahren aus dem Jahre 1425. Kras, Pawe, „Wizerunek Czecha-husyty w Polsce w dobie rewolucji husyckiej“, in: Wojciech Iwaczak – Ryszard Gadkiewicz (eds.), Polakw i Czechw wizerunek wzajemny (X-XVII w.), Wrocaw – Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Instytutu Historii PAN 2004, 65-89. Holeek – Zdenk Vybral (eds.), Jan Hus na pelomu tiscilet: Mezinrodn rozprava o eskm reformtoru 15.[MZK.] Engels, Bedich, Nmeck selsk vlka, Praha: Svoboda 1984. Czech translation (other editions: Praha: Lidov kultura 1938; Praha: Svoboda 1950). c.] Engels, Friedrich, „The Peasant War in Germany“, in: Collected Works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels X, New York: International Publishers 1978, 397-482. [Publisher: Akademija obestvennych nauk pri CK KPSS, Institut naunogo ateizma. [MZK.] Kautsky, Karl, Der Ursprung des Christentums, 1908. Jahrhundert, (Sitzungsberichte der Schsischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig), Berlin: Akademie-Verlag 1975. A dense Marxist view of the economic roots of 11th-century heresy. Dodatky: spisy pisouditeln Pelagiovi, synod v Diospolis, shrnut pelaginskho sporu, pijck pse o Pelagiovi (sic; modern kreace). [p.] Blanchetiere, Franois, „Contestation des structures ecclsiales et hrsie au XII siècle“, Revue d’histoire et de philosophie religieuse 67/3, 1987, 241-249. Zdrazuje souvislost hereze se snahou o obnovu crkve. Begins with the refusal of the notion of „dissidence“ and opts for „heresy“ (without the apologetic connotations). Pbram was a defender of Hussitism including Hussite military action against the crusades, but was against the radical practice in Tbor and was a fierce polemist against tbors at least from 1420 on.Krom tohoto samostatnho vydn obsaeno mon t v Marx – Engels, Spisy, sv. „Evoljucija christianskogo sektanstva v SSSR“ [special issue], Voprosy naunogo ateizma ??? [Cited by Machovec in the connection with Marxist theorizing of early Christianity. Metamorphoses of the agrarian sector; production, commerce, and communal movements; the Church and the new economy; orthodox spiritualism; heretical spiritualism; rationalized spiritualism of the dialectigs; questions of origin; heresy, dialectic, and society; liturgy and antidialectic in the service of the Church’s reaction. FF MU (DZ), s.] „Diskuse o metodologickch otzkch zpracovn stedovk mylenkov ltky“, Filosofick asopis 10/5, 1962, 790-824. New edition: below.] „Diskuse o metodologickch otzkch zpracovn stedovk mylenkov ltky“, in: Petr Dvok – Ladislav Kvasz – Petr Urban – Josef Velek – Josef Zumr (eds.), 60 let Filosofickho asopisu, Praha: Filosofia 2013, 127-174. Responses to Machovec, „K zpasu...“ by Jaroslav Kudrna, Josef Vlka, Ji Kej, Karel Kra, Dragoslav Slejka, Josef Zumr, Slavomil Strohs, Erika Kadlecov, Karel Kosk, Ji Houka, Ivan Svitk, Irena Dubsk, Zdenk Javrek and a response by Milan Machovec. ETF Wien, v.] Rees, Bryn R., Pelagius: Life and Letters, Woodbridge: The Boydell Press 1988. Spojuje pedchoz dv prce: Pelagius: A Reluctant Heretic a The Letters of Pelagius and his Followers. Lourdaux, Willem (tak vcekrt); Verhelst, Daniel: tak uvd k. [Blanchetiere bez akcentu: v nadpise jsou akcenty i u velkch psmen, kdeto toto velkm bez akcentu, tj. M sice jakousi teoretickou nadhodnotu, ale ztrc mnoho asu shrnutmi historie valdenstv a dalch nesouhlasnch hnut. B5881), p.] Boureau, Alain, „La circulation des hrsies dans l’Europe mdivale“, in: „Circulations et frontières“, Les Cahiers du Centre de Recherches Historiques 42, 2008, 19-30. Notes two (emic) models of tranmission of heresy: (1) epidemiology and (2) model based on physical geography (mountains lowlands). NKR, v.] mahel, Frantiek, „Literacy and Heresy in Hussite Bohemia“, in: Peter Biller – Anne Hudson (eds.), Heresy and Literacy, 1000-1530, (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature 23), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1994, teba se ptt, kdy, kde a pro byly sepsny a kdo je pedval, jak navazuj na patristiku apod. 106) a uvd pklad, kde nkter kanovnk katedrly ve Vercelli podle soupisu rukopis vlastnil Liber Eckeberti contra catharos (s. Hereze nen historick datum, nbr se rod z toho, e ji vldnouc klerick kultura nkde shledv; pro tyto kleriky ovem hereze objektivn realitu m (s. Povauje za nutn opustit globalistick a zobecujc pstupy ve prospch zjmu o jednotliv texty a soubory ve vztahu ke specifickm okolnostem, v nich vznikly, pimlouv se za zjem o lokln vynalzn hereze (s. Pro zjem o „mocensk diskurzy protikacsk polemiky“ (s. Arialda, Milano jako fovea hereticorum: prameny a obraz, kaci a kacstv v Magistri sacrae paginae, „kvazimnich“ Ascherio z Rivalty, heretici, patarni a humiliti v Como, manelstv a hereze, heretici a inkvizitoi ve Furlansku a Akvilejskm patriarchtu, inkvizitorova sermo generalis, kult sv. (Lenka Star, cs).] Capitani, Ovidio (ed.), L’eresia medievale, Bologna: Il mulino 1971. stol., milnsk pataria, mstsk a vesnick hereze v 11.-13. c.] Chareyre, Philippe (ed.), L’hrtique au village: Les minorits religieuses dans l’Europe mdivale et moderne: Actes des XXXI Journes Internationales d’Histoire de l’Abbaye de Flaran, 9 et 10 octobre 2009, Toulouse: Presses Universitaires du Mirail 2011. A collection of articles on religious dissent in the rural world of medieval and modern Europe. h.] Copeland, Rita (ed.), Criticism and Dissent in the Middle Ages, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1996. Zajmav je ale svm antropologickm zamenm: a se nevymezuje jako historick antropologie, pspvky jsou velmi zeteln inspirovny souasnmi pohyby v socilnch vdch. Ademar z Chabannes a bogomilov, italsk spolenost a pvod zpadn hereze v 11. stol., msta a venkov v katarsk herezi, uen a lidov hereze, flagelanti, msta a venkov v husitstv, sekta „pomazanch“ ve Florencii koncem 15. c.] Manselli, Raoul, Studi sulle eresie del secolo XII, Roma: Istituto storico italiano per il Medio Evo 1975. 173 pro daje o dvjch vydnch jednotlivch lnk), bez vraznjho pokusu je zapojit do celkovho rmce (co nemus vadit). stolet; historie a pamtka Arnolda z Brescie; problm kac v Itlii doby Bernarda z Clairvaux; heresis Lumbardorum a filii Arnaldi – arnoldismus; rozvinut Capitani, „Da Volpe a Morghen“; vymlen hereze (inventer l’hrsie); valdensk studia 1998-2008; heretick kazatelstv; pokus o syntzu – nboensk konkonformismus a crkevn represe v avignonsk dob. 685-735): re-defining Armenian orthodoxy under Islamic rule, Igor Dorfmann-Lazarev; Catharism and heresy in Milan, Faye Taylor; Church reform and witch-hunting in the diocese of Lausanne: the example of Bishop George of Saluzzo, Georg Modestin. Vackov, Jarmila, „Ikonoklasmus evropsk reformace: Nizozem 1566“, Husitsk Tbor 8, 1985, 69-81. Vetekov, Zuzana, „Iconography of the Mural Paintings in St. Cermanov, Pavlna, „Jakoubkv a Biskupcv Vklad na Apokalypsu: Porovnn s drazem na interpretaci antikristovskho mtu“, in: Ota Halama – Pavel Soukup (eds.), Jakoubek ze Stbra: Texty a jejich psoben, Praha: Filosofia 2006, 209-228. h.] Chytil, Karel, Antikrist v naukch a umn stedovku a husitsk obrazn antithese, Praha: esk akademie 1918. Molnr, Amedeo, „Eschatologick nadje esk reformace“, in: id., Od reformace k ztku, Praha: Kalich 1956, 11-101. Van Dussen, Michael, From England to Bohemia: Heresy and Communication in the Later Middle Ages, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2012. Kras, Husyci...] Bylina, Stanisaw, „Les influences hussites en Pologne et sur les territoires ethniquement russiens du Grand-Duch de Lithuanie“, Ricerche slavistiche 41, 1994, 163-??? Bylina, Stanisaw, „Problm ohlasu husitstv v Polskm krlovstv“, in: Jihlava a basilejsk kompaktta, Jihlava 1992, 145-??? Bylina, Stanisaw – Gadkiewicz, Ryszard (eds.), Polskie echa husytyzmu: Materiay z konferencji naukowej Kodzko, 27-28 wrzenia 1996, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Instytutu Historii PAN 1999. BJ, c.] Drabina, Jan, „Episkopat Polski wobec husytyzmu“, in: Stanisaw Bylina – Ryszard Gadkiewicz (eds.), Polskie echa husytyzmu: Materiay z konferencji naukowej Kodzko, 27-28 wrzenia 1996, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Instytutu Historii PAN 1999, 62-81. – Strzelecka, H., „Uniwersytet Jagielloski wobec problemw husyckich w XV wieku“, Acta Universitatis Carolinae: Historia 5/1-2, 1964, kolem s. Gsiorowski, Antoni, „Husyty Abrahama Zbskiego dziaalno publiczna“, lski Kwartalnik Historyczny Sobtka 36/1, 1981, 139-145.108) ovem nelze zapomnat, e mly vliv na jedince z masa a kost (s. Hereze a schizma v pozdn msk i; kesanstv a dissent v msk servern Africe; hereze a schizma jako sociln a nrodn hnut; nicejsk stanovisko ke schizmatu; spolenost, teodicea a pvod hereze; Bolton: papesk postoje k deviantm, 1159-1216; kacstv a uenost v ranm cistercictv; Viklef a Hus jako vdci nboenskho protestu; biskup Buckingham a lollardi; Hudson: vybran aspekty lollardsk knin produkce; kzn John Luke; Thomas Rudborne; Julius II. BNF, v.; h.] Benedetti, Marina – Merlo, Grado Giovanni – Piazza, Andrea (eds.), Vite di eretici e storie di frati, Milano: Biblioteca Francescana 1998. Vilemny a inkvizitoi, via crucis bratra Michala, ebrav dy a moc, Peironeta z Beauregard. [Hereze ve stedovk biblick exegezi, hereze ve stedovku, katarsk hereze jako historiografick problm, patai a katai, mstsk a venkovsk hereze v Itlii od 11. stol., Bonigrino z Verony, Zachari ze Sant’Agata, ena v katarstv a valdenstv, Albigenses (Thouzellier). Introduction; the process against Antonio Blasi d’Angrogna (1486) – transmission of faith among Waldensians in the Alps; penetration of the Reformation in Southern France villages; Reformation in rural Flandres and Lalleu; strategies of survival of Protestant or Catholic minorities in Cvenne; agricultural property of Protestants in the Calaisis; reformed communities in Orlans countryside in the 17th century; minority, confession and coexistence – reformed Protestants in Osse-en-Aspe, 1802-1905; inquisition and heresy in the countryside of Sevilla under the Hapsburg; the imagined moriscos; heretic in Southern France countryside during the French Revolution; Carbonaros in the western Pyrenees, 16th-19th c.; Waldensians among cities and countriside in the German Empire; religious dissidents in Languedoc, end 13th to beginning 14th c.; the Good Men in the Pyrenean counties of Aragon (Jimnez Sanchez); anabaptists in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines; lollards and peasants. Rtorika, donucovn a zapamatovn si nsilm (donucovac a zastraovac vukov techniky jako bn v pozdn antick a stedovk vuce); znsilnn a pedagogick rtorika sexulnho nsil; Heloise a genderovn vzdlanho subjektu; disentujc obrzek; koly dvaj povolen bsnkm; politick vda a pozdn stedovk akademick debata; touha a text, Piers Plowman; lollardsk socio-textuln ideologie; svtostnost a disent v yorksk he o Tle Kristov; inkvizice, mluven a psan – ppad z pozdn stedovk Norwiche. stol., pohan, kaci, saracni a id v kznch Ademara z Chabannes, bogomilsk vliv na zpadn herezi, severn katarstv, autorita a katarsk hereze v severnm Languedoku, masakr v Bziers, dob lid, katai, nboensk bratrstva a obansk nboenstv – rozmlen hranice hereze a ortodoxie, Riperando a sv. stol., pedvn hereze v novovku, libertinismus a hereze na potku novovku, marani, jansenismus, mystick a racionalistick hereze v nizozemskm kalvnstv na konci 17. [Oveno, e obsahuje jen to, co je i v Il secolo XII (h.). Part 6 Distant Mirrors: Heresies, Orthodoxies and Modernities: Between medieval and modern beholding: Heidegger, Deleuze and the Duns Scotus affair, Philip Tonner; Heresy and its afterlives in Communist-era Poland, John M. FF MU (DZ), s.] Vauchez, Andr, Les hrtiques au Moyen ge: Suppts de Satan ou chrtiens dissidents? a stedoasijsk manicheismus, dualistick prvky makedonskho folklru, Bosensk crkev, stci, katai a trubadi, glosy „Srekoviova evangelia“ a uen Bosensk crkve, bog. Bartlov, Milena, „Conflict, Tolerance, Representation, and Competition: A Confessional Profile of Bohemian Late Gothic Art“ [online], trans. David, The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice5/2, 2002 [2005], , [6. Dolejov, Ivana, „Eschatological Elements in Hus's Understanding of Orthopraxis“ [online], The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice4, 2000 [2002], , [6. Patschovsky, Alexander, „Der taboritische Chiliasmus“, in: Frantiek mahel – Elisabeth Mller-Luckner (ed.), Hresie und vorzeitige Reformation im Sptmittelalter, Mnchen: Oldenbourg 1998, 169-195. Collection of articles, mostly in German, but also in French, Italian and English. Lerner); manuscripts of Joachim of Fiore in Bohemia (K.-V. [Beyond reformist historiography – communication in schism Europe; Richard Rolle at the edges of orthodoxy in England and Bohemia; texts, tidings and the formation of a Lollard-Hussite fellowship; diplomacy against heresy, 1411-1416; Bohemia in English religious polemic before Foxe. [BJ, c.] Graff, Tomasz, „Biskupi monarchii jagielloskiej wobec herezji husyckiej w pierwszej poowie XV wieku“, Nasza Przeszo 109, 2008, 37-53. – asi ztraceno (odpov ze skladu je „mancante“).] Wolf, Hubert (ed.), Inquisition, Index, Zensur: Wissenkulturen der Neuzeit im Widerstreit, Paderborn: Ferdinand Schningh 2001. Dleit sbornk nmeckch studi vzniklch na konfesn dosti siln exponovanm sympziu (kde byl i nap.

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Presents the view that in the end, more important than Machovec’s scholarly remarks were his charges that Kalivoda’s account is pseudo-materialistic and Hegelian and that Kalivoda abandons the Marxist perception of religion as opium (41). FF MU (DP).] Baker, Derek (ed.), Schism, Heresy and Religious Protest, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1972. [Odkaz Miles in Hazlett, Ran k.] Rpke, Jrg, Superstitio: Devianza religiosa nell’Impero romano, trans. [An Italian translation from Aberglauben oder Individualitt? ; smysl pro tradici – homoisini; schizma v Antiochii po Cavallee; Ambro, csai a homoini v Miln – prvn spor o basiliku; kest a arinsk spory; „arini“ jako polemick oznaen asket na mskm Vchod; uvn Eunomiova kauzlnho jazyka; teologie jako gramatika – eho z Nazianzu a Wittgenstein. [FF MU (DZ), s.] Ferrua, Antonio, La polemica antiariana nei monumenti paleocristiani, Citta del Vaticano: Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana 1991. ETF Wien, v.; c.] Chadwick, Henry, Priscillian of Avila: The Occult and Charismatic in the Early Church, Oxford: Oxford University Press 1976. Kvalitn vypadajc, historicky zamen monografick prce. [Nen dostupn online, e-zdroje MU neobsahuj.] Asad, Talal, „Medieval Heresy: An Anthropological View“, Social History 11/3, 1986, 345-362. mahel, Frantiek, „Hereze a pedasn reformace: Causa ad disputandum“, in: id., Mezi stedovkem a renesanc, (Historick mylen 16), Praha: Argo 2002, 273-284. Csaov-Kolov, Anna, ena v hnut husitskm, Praha 1915. quod mulieres, que sunt in Christo, in hoc tempore viros in virtutibus antecurrunt‘: Bohemian Reformers’ Radically New View of Women and Marriage? z 1993 v Bayreuthu, SRN, Praha: esk kesansk akademie – Husitsk teologick fakulta Univerzity Karlovy 1995, 68-73. Jh.) und die Prager religisen Diskussionen“ [online], The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice5/1, 2002 [2004], , [6. ernuka, Pavel, „The Eucharistin the Writings of Heinrich of Bitterfeld“ [online], trans. David, The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice7, 2006 [2009], , [6. Kej, Ji, „Teaching on Repentance and Confession“ [online], trans. David, The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice5/1, 2002 [2004], , [6. Krsa, Josef, „Husitsk obrazoborectv: Poznmky k jeho studiu“, Husitsk Tbor 8, 1985, 9-17.